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Beyond the page - SEO for your website 'stuff'

The art of optimization, no matter the file type!

The power of Google and search cannot be over-stated for organizations that rely on their website to drive sales and impressions.  

You keep hearing that adding content is the way to Google's heart, but then what? How do you add content strategically to be sure it gets indexed and brings in traffic? There's a whole world of great content ready to be optimized!

Join Schipul's Search Engine Marketing Director Caitlin Kaluza as she takes you through the exciting and geeky world of taking great Web content and making it AWESOME.  She'll focus on the following content types:

  • Video (on your website, YouTube and Vimeo)
  • Press releases
  • Online photo albums
  • Job listings
  • Blog posts

Learn from the master optimizer as she teaches you the tactics for different kinds of online content, strategies for posting on different social networks and how to learn from your site's traffic patterns just what kind of content you should be sharing!