Creative genius, no matter your industry

As we live straddling the digital and analog world, we make random acts of creation happen all the time in all different ways.  Software, design, technology implementation, car engine maintenance, backyard swingsets - creating makes our brains work in very unique ways.

The SchipulCon Create track is dedicated to the tools, systems and tactics of a variety of creation types with some of the brainiest minds around around.

From hands on offline tech to mastering online systems in a completely new and awe-inspiring way, the Create track will give you, your business and future projects MUCH food for thought.

A taste of Create topics to come:

  • Offline technology that's affordable, easy and changing the world!
  • Django and Python - funky names, fabulous functionality
  • Graphic design like you've never imagined before
  • Working with Open Source and Big Government for your next geek project
  • How to build a robot
  • Open source collaboration and tools to get you there

Let your geeky legacy live on, be a part of SchipulCon!

Be sure to grab your ticket today, peruse our ever-growing list of speakers and get ready to Create, Profit and Reach!

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