Schipul vision:
To connect and organize the world's people.  Do Good.

SchipulCon mission
To grow community champions that make the world a better place through extraordinary thinking, smart technology and cross-industry creativity.

More than just another marketing conference

SchipulCon connects you with the offline and online technology, smart business practices and community building skills that you need to take your world to the next level.

Come with a hunger for innovation and inspiration, your brain and your bottom line will thank you.

Tune in to our amazing speakers!

With 3 pretty phenomenal content tracks coming your way (Create, Profit, Reach), you are guaranteed to go home with actionable tidbits, exciting new tools and a whole new way of making decisions that make a difference to your world and organization.

Hands on, brains on.  Let's create and build together

We are excited to offer several engaging (and totally unique) hands-on learning opportunities.  Ever want to learn to fly an RC helicopter?  Always wanted to know how robots work?  Think you've got crafting skills, but never knew how to apply them to your online world before?

SchipulCon is the place for you, register today!