How to make your world better, cent by cent

When did 'Profit' become a dirty word?  Businesses exist to make a profit.  Nonprofits can't exist without a solid bottom line to continue their 'Do Good' missions.

Our SchipulCon Profit track will focus on the nuts, bolts, sledgehammers and ice picks that make organizations successful, stay in the black and full of happy, productive employees.

From entrepreneurial tips to project management in the real world to making technical sales in a tough economy to keeping your people safe from social engineering, SchipulCon wants to help you see green in actionable ways you didn't know were possible.

Some Profit areas of teaching and discussion:

  • How to grow an association and nonprofit (and be a great volunteer and member to boot!)
  • Hands on budgeting and fundraising
  • How to start a business (and why the heck would you be crazy enough to do it!?)
  • Growing your footprint and sales through smart online advertising
  • How to manage employees - millenials included!
  • Why success can suck and how to survive your greatest business victories

Be a part of the awesomeness!

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