Learn project management, geeky-style, from speaker Todd Nienkerk!
Effectively collaborating on a project can be very difficult -- and costly. Many companies and teams simply can't afford most collaboration tools, and those who can get sucked into the Whirling Pain Vortex of proprietary systems: inaccessible data, recurring licensing fees, and expensive hardware requirements.
Open-source software provides a better (and often free!) alternative. Your data won't get locked up, licensing fees are generally cheaper or nonexistent, and you don't have to purchase any special hardware.
In this session, Four Kitchens co-founder Todd Nienkerk will discuss some of the best free and open-source tools for collaboration, productivity, and generally keeping a business humming. You'll learn how Four Kitchens and similar firms collaborate both in person and virtually -- and walk away with a list of helpful apps, utilities, and services that will make your life easier and save you money.
Four Kitchens is a design and development firm in Austin, Texas, that specializes in building BIG websites using Drupal and other open-source software.