Are you counting what really matters?

We engage in a metrics-fueled world.  From website traffic tracking to powerful online advertising analytics to online conversion tools, numbers and patterns abound!  But are you really looking (and tracking) what matters to your business and Web properties?

Join Caitlin Kaluza, Social Media project rock star turned Search Engine Marketing team director at Schipul, as she walks attendees through the ins and outs of the metrics world.  Learn what's out there, the tools to access the data of your dreams and how you should be customizing your analytics program and expectations for your business and demographics.

You'll walk away with handy information on:

  • Lead tracking on the Web, by phone and beyond
  • How to evaluate the best online advertising platforms for your brand
  • Ways to manage and integrate multiple ad sources and conversion steps
  • 'Must have' analytics data to show your boss
  • Neat tricks and hacks to make your life easier