Assume you want to create something innovative, intriguing, and inviting.  How do you get started?  Where do you begin?  

Check out Brian Sullivan's great presentation:

Collaborative Sketching is a structured, proven approach for exploring and analyzing design ideas with the key stakeholders of your project.  Collaborative Sketching allows you to see multiple solutions, talk openly about ideas, build consensus, and reach a final vision.  You get all of these benefits before a single line of code is written.  Plus, it usually only takes a few days to complete.

The Collaborative Sketching method encourages non-designers to visualize their ideas, which helps them to think like designers.  The value and benefit of each idea is explored, then each idea is critically examined.  Ideas get re-sketched and mashed-up throughout the process.  In the end, a single vision emerges, which becomes the focused direction of the team's creative output.  In this talk, you will learn how to do the Collaborative Sketching method, see real-world examples of its use, and walk away with a proven method you can use on your next projects.