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Programming Manager

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John-Michael Oswalt

Programming Manager
Schipul - The Web Marketing Company

I am a Texas A&M engineering graduate living in Houston, TX. I currently work for a Houston web marketing company and spend most of my day in front of a computer. Below is a quick list of things that describe me. I wrote most of this in 2008, but I think it still rings true today.

  • I have a passion for solving problems
  • I like to help people
  • I am an absurdly quick learner
  • I am interested in all things tech
  • I enjoy analyzing data for trends
  • I think User Experience is something worth fighting for
  • I like working in an engineering, design, or web capacity
  • I love my job at Schipul

When I am not in front of a laptop/iPad/computer you might find me watching college football, enjoying an indie movie, or playing tennis.

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