SchipulCon 2011 sponsors will gain access to a highly qualified audience consisting of 300-400 Delegates from corporations, non-profits, and professional organizations.  SchipulCon’s theme this year aligns itself with market research showing integration of online business assets is the top priority in 2012 for organizations, particularly integration of the website with marketing and sales, social media outlets, and business operations.  We are confident this year will be our best ever! 

We'd love to have you as a sponsor - Download the full Sponsorship Package for more info and let us know how you'd like to be involved!

Spaceship Sponsors

Help take SchipulCon 2011 to the stars in your rocket ship!! 

Our Spaceship Sponsors receive super-special sponsorship benefits that a mere Web page simply cannot handle.  We sponsor lots of events too, so we know what it takes to take care of our amazing partners.  Are you looking to sponsor the entire shindig and be our Headline Mothership Sponsor?  Or perhaps you are ready to show us how to do the Robot and provide the dance floor at the Conference Party.

We have lots of ideas for this sponsorship - we bet you do too. Let's talk!

Robot Sponsors

Our Robot Sponsors are awesome, shoot laser beams from their eyes and are made of steel! 

Robot sponsors get to hang out with our awesome team and the SchipulCon attendees during the conference. Bring innovation and cool toys and create your own Robot Playground.  We'd love to include you in the SchipulCon Robot Army - let's do this! 

Laser Gun Sponsorship Level

Pew pew!  Our Laser Gun sponsors bring the energy, materials and firepower to the SchipulCon stage.

Every great tech conference needs cool tech giveaways, t-shirts, and name badges.  Be the brand that everyone is wearing after you've laser branded our swag!

No matter your budget, we have some great ways to promote your brand and offer exciting value to our uber-cool attendees.  Let’s play!

Download the full Sponsorship Package or contact us and let us know how you'd like to be involved!

Thanks for connecting with us as a potential SchipulCon sponsor!  Dont forget to take a look at our swell speakers and schedule - as we get closer, things just get that much more exciting.