Demystifying the Cloud. Using the Cloud to Create Value.

My name is Eloy Zuniga Jr. and Schipul has been my home for the last five years.  I've learned a lot about creating software that people will use ... pay for ... and more importantly gain value from.

The definition of "The Cloud" is over used and ill defined.  I may be a geek by day, but at night ... ahh who am I kidding.

Allow me to break up this cryptic world of "The Cloud" and give you the digestible low down on what it all means.

I'll illustrate exactly why the cloud came to be and how Schipul is using it to recreate Tendenci less expensive and more powerful than ever.

Maybe you're curious about starting your own web-based business, or maybe you're shopping around and you're curious about what technologies competitors are using.  Maybe you just want to have an intelligent conversation with someone the next time they murmur the question "what is this cloud thing?"

I'll be hanging out with you beautiful people all day Thursday and Friday.  I'm looking forward to meeting you all.  Seriously, I'm standing right behind you.

Create your on Tendenci powered website for free at Ask me for the signup code.