The web has allowed for many wonderful advances in for communities and communication, but let's face it: money makes the web go 'round.
Learn from brilliant speaker Liza Kindred:
Since the first internet boom in the 1990's, companies have been trying to figure out how to sell things online. The bust that followed the boom illustrated the complications and difficulties of connecting with consumers online. (Remember 
A potent cocktail is now developing combining equal parts social web, innovative business models, and emerging technologies. By utilizing these key ingredients, a modern breed of highly successful online retailers have found much more effective and meaningful ways to find and serve customers online. 

This talk will break down what the current e-commerce landscape looks like and explore the future of online retailing. You'll come out of this session with a new understanding of:
  • what buzz words like algorithmic shopping, social curation, and m-commerce mean to businesses today 
  • how old ideas like K-Mart's "blue light specials" are powering new businesses to billion dollar valuations 
  • how companies are successfully using social media to drive actual sales (and not just build brand identity) 
  • how tools such as virtual fitting rooms and live chat software are enabling richer customer interactions with far fewer product returns
  • how the e-commerce landscape has changed on the whole - and for the better 
By the end of this talk, you should feel well versed in the web's new shopping outlook, and ready to mix up your company's own unique recipe for online sales success.