Join Katrina Kokoska, Creative Services team manager at Schipul, for a lively discussion on the REAL costs and ROI of Social Media.
The use of social media networks is free, but actually using social media is not. We'll break down what costs what when it comes to effective marketing through social media, how the costs stack up against traditional media, how to plan your social media budget and how to measure your ROI. We'll also cover the things you should consider when deciding between managing your social media in-house or recruiting an outsourcing partner.
Questions Answered:
1.) What does social media cost?
2.) How do I know how much to spend?
3.) How do I plan/manage my budget?
4.) How do I know how I'm doing?
5.) How do I integrate social media with my more traditional marketing efforts?
6.) Should I manage my social media myself, or hire a firm?