Managing a website is hard work, but hugely rewarding when you've got the right technology, content and marketing strategy.  Is your Web team utilizing their tech and time to the greatest effect?

Join Schipul Support Team manager Kerry Gayle and Creative Services Account Executive Katrina Esco as they walk you through the world of website management.  With helpful tips on how non-techie website managers and marketers can best run their website, you'll feel empowered and ready to conquer your web world!

Lots of great takeaways for this presentation!  Walk away with website management knowledge like:

  • Before, during and after a website launch project - what happens and how do get through the madness!?
  • Best practices for content addition - what content matters most in search engines?
  • What content matters most to my community?  Learn how to find out with basic analytics and a little elbow grease.
  • A little HTML goes a long way - some tricks in updating your CMS
  • Make newsletter marketing a snap - ideas and examples from our own sites on how to be a newsletter rock star
  • How to get help - from Schipul support to online communities, learn how to best phrase your needs for maximum effectiveness