What does every successful leader need to know about Time Management in the 21st Century?

Join executive leadership coach Amy Robinson for this great discussion:

Whether you are a business owner, an employee, a student, or just a ridiculously busy human being,do the words “Time Management” make you gag? Just when you thought there couldn’t be anotheroffering, another perspective on managing your time more effectively and profitably, think again. Justthis time, advises business coach Amy Robinson, “Think differently.”

Amy L Robinson, Business and Personal Leadership Coach is in the business of advancing and improvingthe quality of your thinking, especially as it relates to your time, your profits, and your burning passionto make a difference in business in the 21st Century.

This 50 minute workshop will introduce you to arevolutionary approach to your self-management and personal leadership development by building yourbusiness acumen of Time Management, resulting in more profit, passion and purpose.