SchipulCon 2011 QuadraCopter Promo of awesome!

Are you ready for SchipulCon awesomeness?!?

Be sure to grab your tickets while you still can for our October 6th and 7th SchipulCon 2011 event! With keynotes from visionaries like Dries Buytaert, the founder of Drupal, and Steven Gonzalez, Director of Innovation for NASA, and speakers from around the country – you’ll leave with a better understanding of what’s next and an inspiring mix of new technologies, tactics and future collaborators.

Follow the buzz on Twitter (folks will be using the #SchipulCon hashtag before, during and after the fun)​speakers
Check out our fab speakers, peek at some of the folks you’ll be partying with from our kick off event (​photos/​set/​3/​) and get those tickets!​events/​1

Our shiny new Day Pass tickets are just the, well, ticket if you can only make one day. Don’t delay!