Making SchipulCon magic with our Create leaders

The act of creation is powerful, whether you are slinging code, designing sites or making art.  We love watching brilliant people thrive through connecting their creative side and business side - our Create track is the perfect place to learn how to do just that.

Love the Web, but are still trying to figure out how Drupal, Wordpress or Tendenci can make your life easier?  Think your Android phone is the greatest thing, but want to learn more about developing mobile apps?  Wish your brain had more programming power?

Read on to learn more about our great Create speakers who will walk you through all that and more - check out our Schedule to see what's in store for you!


18.jpg Dries Buytaert (Drupal, Acquia)
4.jpg   Chris Everson (Primer Grey)
Session:  Design and Developing for Drupal
17.jpg  Kerry Gayle (Schipul)
Session: Manage your Website, Stay Sane
16.jpg  John-Michael Oswalt (Schipul)
Session:  Building Smart Websites for Tendenci, Drupal and Wordpress
6.jpg Kelsey Ruger (ChaiOne, The Moleskin)
Session:  Your Mobile Strategy is More than iPhones and iPads
11.jpg Brian Sullivan (Big Design Events)
Session:  Collaborative Sketching for Design Ideation
dan.jpg Don Vaughn (Baylor College of Medicine)
Session:  Technology and Social Change!  Building Tech That Changes the World.
 19.jpg Eloy Zuniga (Schipul)
Session:  Programming for Non-Programmers